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Data Engineering

Automatic generation and sending of reports


An intelligence analyst for a bank, needed to perform recurrent tasks of extracting, processing and sending data to his clients. He used to do this work manually, from his own computer - causing error risks in data generation and a dependency on his manual action, consuming much more time than necessary.


We implemented regular and automatic execution pipelines to build the reports and send them to the parties, through SQL and Python scripts, informing and educating the customer about each implemented tool, so that he would maintain familiarity with the processes, even though they no longer depend on his action.

Benefits Achieved

The client has control over the scheduled tasks and can intervene if necessary, but no longer needs to perform them manually - all that is required is to monitor their execution. The process is faster, more error-proof and more reliable, and the customer can concentrate on his area of expertise instead of spending time on purely mechanical data tasks.

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